about me!

hey there!i'm ícaro, a 17 year old dude from brazil.
this is just a dumb website i made for fun and to put together a bunch of stuff i like! + i've always wanted to learn html/css :D
currently i'm a senior in high school. i plan on majoring on graphic design and also becoming a tattoo artist

sun + moon + rising

stuff i like?

i really like the emo subculture and bands. i've been listening to the music and liked the style ever since i was 11!
but only now i'm able to properly invest myself into the culture (which is a shame cuz i don't like 2020's emo)
i'm very interested in old web, ethical and moral debates involving the internet and online safety. which is partially why i've decided to take it upon myself to learn how to code and finally make my own website! it's been fun but i think it gave me such a bad headache x D x

bands i like

  • black veil brides
  • the used
  • my chemical romance
  • snow white poison bite
  • muse
  • the academy is...
  • cute is what we aim for
  • ghost town
  • asking alexandria
  • get scared
  • three days grace
  • motionless in white
  • bring me the horizon
  • bauhaus
  • the cure
  • pierce the veil
  • escape the fate
  • reStarT
  • cine
  • nx zero

media i like

  • adventure time
  • sandman
  • the great pretender
  • nge
  • ib
  • naruto
  • witch's heart
  • slashers
  • nightmare before christmas
  • nitw
  • jjk
  • soul eater
  • ghibli movies

some of my hobbies!

i've been drawing for most of my life, however it was only during 2016 that i decided to take art seriously
(at some point i even took commissions, i might do that again!).
i also write my original stories and fan stories but it's been a while, since now i'm mostly focused on roleplaying. soon my original creations will get their own page here ^^'' (once my coding skills get better lol)

i also like collecting dolls! especially littlest pet shop. i own a good handful of rares and region limited ones, and i plan on expanding my collection >:D