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aka.felipe, fe, fefe

⠀felipe is part of my main batch of ocs/story.
he's a possible candidate for a protagonist
(once i figure out the plot) and i've had him for about 2 years!
⠀fe encompasses the worst of two worlds, being a human-shaped bundle of overthinking and depression while maintaining immature, boyish humor. maybe he's only using that as a cover-up and to avoid talking about his issues properly!
nationality & race: brazilian & mixed, white + native
age & zodiac: 18 yrs old, leo sun
gender & sexuality:cis man & bisexual
height:5'3 ft / 1.60 cm

⠀felipe tends to be extremely timid, coming off as awkward (in an extremely uncharming manner) around new people. while being extremely, crushingly lonely, he wishes to avoid most (and if possible all) social interactions, as to avoid looking like an idiot around people, and sometimes talking to people is just too exhausting.

⠀once he warms up to someone, he simply doesn't stop. he likes to annoy the shit out of his friends and anyone close to him, constantly cracking jokes. he probably shouldn't annoy his friends that much, since he weighs like a couple of grapes and has the upper body strength of a malnourished bug. but despite all that he still has his own charm, with being shy and extremely affectionate towards those who he considers a friend to him.

likes dislikes
dark souls, skyrim, final fantasy, cats, skating and falling, weed, playing bass school, big crowds, not being around people, having to look at people in the eye